School Supplies for Children in Need benefits children of Emmaus Ministries at Sister Gus' Kids Cafe

Sister Gus always said: “a hungry child is not able to concentrate.” But neither is a child who doesn’t have the correct school supplies able to adequately participate in class, says Sister Gus’ Kids Cafe coordinator, Stephanie Grear.

“We don’t want our children to be the ones sitting in class not having what they need both in the beginning of the school year and in the middle of the school year when crayons are broken, markers are out, glue sticks are dried up, and pencils lost,” said Stephanie. “For that reason, we’re grateful for the donations of school supplies to the Kids Cafe. We distribute some at the beginning of the year and the rest during the school year when the children need replacements.”

This year, school supplies were donated to the Kids Cafe by two groups: parishioners of the Church of the Cross, and employees at Parker Autoclave Engineers led by Andy Mussett. A branch of Erie Insurance employees, led by Lauren Casey, donated school supplies to the Emmaus Soup Kitchen to ensure students eating there with their families were prepared for school, too.

Photo: Parishioners from the Church of the Cross with their school supply donations for the Kids Cafe

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