Second Week of Lent: YOU are my beloved!

To begin the Second Week of Lent, Sister Stephanie Schmidt shared her insights into the Transfiguration story (Luke 9: 28 – 36) at the weekly Lenten Vigil. Focusing on the message that Jesus is the Beloved of God, she encouraged all present to listen to the voice of God saying, 'You are my beloved, my chosen one.' Sister Stephanie explained, "God delights in each and every person. We have only to open ourselves and accept God’s love."

The message did not stop there. Sister Stephanie urged all not to forget that everyone is the beloved of God, "Christian love sees with the eyes of the heart; Christian love understands that we belong to each other; Christian love recognizes the Beloved in the other person."

Christian love is the power of Incarnation ─ God made flesh. We are called to share that love now; we are called to make God present; we are called to treat everyone as the beloved of God. Blessed Lent!