Silent Peace Walk at Emmaus Grove

It was fitting that the Silent Peace Walk in May, sponsored by Benedictines for Peace, took place in a garden, a reminder of new beginnings and new life. Emmaus Grove: The Erie Urban Farm School was the place chosen for the monthly walk where participants are invited to “walk in silence, single-file, and bring peace step-by-step to your family, community, nation, world, and all of creation.”

About 50 people walked silently for 20 minutes through the Emmaus Grove and around the Inner-City Neighborhood Art House on a cloudy May evening.

Sister Mary Miller, director of Emmaus Ministries, opened the walk with a short statement about the garden. “This garden is beautiful and bountiful,” she said, “and you walking through it with peace in your hearts will bless it.”

She continued, “I know we typically don’t ask people to pray for anything specific on these Silent Peace Walks, but I would like to ask you to pray for our guests of the soup kitchen, food pantry, and Kids Cafe. Our guests need inner peace. We’ll tell them you walked this property this week, silently praying for them.”

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