Sister Joan Chittister at Chautauqua

Sister Joan Chittister returned to the Hall of Philosophy at the Chautauqua Institute on July 30 to open the Interfaith Lecture Series during the institute’s week on "A Spirituality of Work.”

Drawing from her book, Radical Spirit, Sister Joan explained the 12 steps of humility in the Rule of Benedict as an invitation to freedom, authentic living and the means to shaping a future that honors the common good.

The crowd was overflowing and the listening was intense as Sister Joan explored the need for work that will be a gift to the future, stating over and over again: “If we do not shape the future we will be compelled to endure it.” She explained how the principles of humility are essential to one’s relationship to God, openness to people, expectations in life, and attitudes toward others. In short:

Recognize that God is God.
Know that God’s will is best for you.
Seek direction from wisdom figures.
Endure the pains of development and do not give up.
Acknowledge faults and strip away the masks.
Be content with less than the best.
Let go of false sense of self.
Preserve tradition and learn from the community.
Never ridicule anyone or anything.
Speak kindly.
Be serene, stay calm.

Sister Joan’s book is available through Benetvision. Click here for more information and to order.