Sister Mary Lou: Spirit of Justice

Sister Mary Lou Kownacki reads poetry.

Author Joyce Rupp includes Erie Benedictine Mary Lou Kownacki as one of the "365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation" in her book, Fragments of Your Ancient Name. The book draws from a wide variety of inspirational sources to heighten awareness of the many names of God around the world. Joyce offers ten-line poetic meditations on each, with "Spirit of Justice" being the name Mary Lou inspired in her.

Spirit of Justice
Mary Lou Kownacki

Your integrity is implanted in everyone
But set aside or lost in self-absorption.
Prejudice and ugly bias, disregarded.
The world's continued oppression, denied.
The indignity of the disabled, unnoticed.
The gap between rich and poor, ignored.
What will it take for the over-privileged
To hear your imploring voice of justice?
When will those with more than enough
Turn and give attention to those with less?

Today: I do something to act for justice.