Sister Valerie Luckey: Co-Winner of the ABA Essay Contest

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie are pleased to announce that Sister Valerie Luckey was selected as one of two winners of the American Benedictine Academy's Monastic Essay contest. This contest, which takes place each year there is an American Benedictine Academy (ABA) meeting, encourages scholarly research among newer monastics. Sister Val is a scholastic, the third stage of initial monastic formation.

Sister Valerie’s essay, "In the Way of Grace: A Young Monk’s Joy” explores the joy Sister Val has found in her monastic vocation. "I reflected on a few stories that would not necessarily be joyful for many people of my generation,” explained Sister Val, age 30. "The stories were about such things as discerning choices with someone else, being vulnerable with others, showing up for prayer day in and day out. I then connected each of these stories to a step of humility, as found in the Rule of Benedict, to show how living counter culturally can bring joy." The essay will be published with the ABA's meeting report and you can click here to read it.

Sister Val attended Convention 2018, "Artisans of the Monastery," which was held July 19-22 and hosted by St. Benedict’s Monastery, Saint Joseph, Minnesota and was awarded a two-year membership in ABA, a waiver of registration and hospitality fees for the ABA convention, a certificate of participation, and a book of interest to monastics. Click here to visit her blog, Walking in the Holy Presence: Benedictine Travels, and read about Sister Val’s experience of the convention.

Photo: (L-R) Sister Val , co-winner Sister Hannah Vanorny, OSB, Annunciation Monastery, Bismarck, ND, and Sister Marianne Burkhard, OSB, St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, IL, ABA board member and overseer of the essay contest.