KINDNESS: Sophomore Lockdown brings Canned Goods to Emmaus

What happens when a group of 14- and 15-year olds are in “lockdown” at school for 24 hours? Lots of movie watching, board game playing, sporting activities, talking, and, of course, pizza eating! But this group of young teenagers are also socially aware: to get into the lockdown event, each student was required to bring a canned good to be shared with the guests of Emmaus Ministries.

This lockdown was planned and attended by students of the sophomore class at Collegiate Academy High School.

After the weekend, Student Council Sophomore Vice Presidents, Olivia Kelly and Abbey Braggins, brought the collected cans along with their untouched bottles of water, plastic cups and paper plates for the Soup Kitchen. The Vice Presidents even brought extra lockdown t-shirts to share!

Pictured: Olivia Kelly, Sister Lucia Surmik, coordinator of the Emmaus Food Pantry, and Abbey Braggins

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