A Special Guest at Emmaus

Despite – or maybe because – of the sign in the Emmaus Grove Garden that says “No Rabbits!” a baby rabbit was found in the parking lot of the soup kitchen. At maybe just a day or two old, it weighs less than an ounce and is smaller than the palm of one’s hand.

The rabbit was found right before the food pantry opened as the volunteers walked in. “We’re calling him Emmaus,” said Marie Wolf, volunteer, “because we found him on the road to get food.” And in finding this tiny creature, volunteers at the food pantry saw something divine in him.

In an attempt to save the rabbit, they even called Mike Bailey, master gardener at Emmaus Grove to see if he knew where the nest is in the garden because the woman from the wildlife rehabilitation center said that you have to put the rabbit back into the nest for it to survive. Unfortunately, Mike didn’t know where the nest was. But that didn’t stop the Emmaus volunteers from saving the baby rabbit. Marie kept calling around while others took turns watching the baby rabbit until they eventually found a place to take him.

“We want our little Emmaus to survive so Debbie Richardson, a volunteer at the food pantry, brought him over to the Tamarack Wildlife Resource Center,” said Marie. “And three days later, he’s still alive and well!”

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