Special Tribute to Sister Joan Chittister

No one was more surprised than Sister Joan Chittister when she was presented with a bronze sculpture of her likeness commissioned by Betsy and Bill Vorsheck.

The idea was born when the Vorshecks had the occasion to meet Jerry McKenna, an American sculptor, notable for his bronze sculptures of military leaders, religious figures and sports stars. According to Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, past president of Notre Dame (+2015), “Jerry’s mission has been to memorialize, in bronze, those who have contributed something of importance to humankind.” Knowing this, the Vorshecks decided to pursue their desire to gift Sister Joan with a special tribute.

The bronze sculpture of Sister Joan has found a home in the Joan Chittister, OSB Archives room at Mt. St Benedict Monastery. The room includes an exhibit of all of Sister Joan’s books, memorabilia from her national and international involvements, samplings of her many awards and recognitions and, on a designated computer, electronic access to most of her articles, interviews and books. The sculpture piece perfectly complements the displays already in place.

“It is always an honor for us to share in a tribute to Sister Joan, our sister in community,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “We thank Betsy and Bill Vorsheck for this special addition to the permanent archives room—a room that allows guests, oblates and our own sisters to benefit from access to Sister Joan’s life work — a work that has focused on issues of women, spirituality, peace, justice and religious life and has contributed, and continues to contribute, something of importance to humankind.”