St. George Catholic School's "Jeans Day" benefits Emmaus Ministries

“Wow! This is an awesome amount of money you raised!” said Sister Mary Miller, director of Emmaus, when she met Maddie and Leah, two eighth graders from St. George Catholic School who brought the proceeds of their school’s “Jeans Day” to Emmaus. “Did you expect to raise this much?”

“Each student is encouraged to bring a dollar to wear jeans but if you donate more, like five dollars as I did,” said Leah, “that’s okay, too.”

Students and staff participated in a “jeans day” where they were encouraged to donate $1 to Emmaus Ministries in order to wear jeans to school for the day. The day was organized by St. George Cares Project, an organization of parents involved in the St. George Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Carrie Landis, Maddie’s mother, is a part of the PTO and encouraged the group to do something special for Emmaus Ministries. Taking the lead, she helped to organize the Jeans Day and also had Emmaus staff member Breanna Mekuly visit St. George’s 6th and 7th graders to talk about what Emmaus’ soup kitchen, food pantry, and Kid’s Cafe.

“The students were really engaged in learning about what Emmaus does in the Erie community,” said Breanna. “They asked all sorts of questions ranging from how we get donations to how we cook for so many people each night. I was impressed with their interest and their suggestions that to be responsible Christians, we must care for our neighbors – especially the poorest among us.”

Photo: Emmaus staff member, Breanna Mekuly, with St. George students Leah and Maddie, and PTO mother, Carrie

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