St. Jude Students Feed 5,000--Collection for Emmaus Soup Kitchen

“Jesus fed 5,000 people. Can we?” That was the Gospel story challenge that students at St. Jude Catholic School responded to during Lent… and the guests of Emmaus Soup Kitchen benefited.

For three weeks, the school was focused on gathering as much peanut butter and jelly jars as possible, making announcements over the loudspeaker and even chanting “Peanut butter jelly time!” three times a week. They created giant peanut butter and jelly “jars” made of poster board, a picture graph of peanut butter and jelly pictures showing their progress, and sent student collectors to each classroom wearing shirts that said “Jesus’ peanut butter disciple” or “Jesus’ jelly disciple.”

Their themes “Spread the Love” and “Let’s feed the hungry like Jesus did!” worked. In total, they gathered over 300 jars – 194 jars of peanut butter and 148 jars of jelly – enough to feed 5,000 people.

“The second graders did all the math to figure this out,” said St. Jude second grade teacher Mary Conti. “First, they found out how many servings each jar of peanut butter had in it. Then, they added up how many jars they had and multiplied the two equations. In total, the servings of peanut butter and jelly collected could make over 5,000 sandwiches.”

In addition to the collection of peanut butter and jelly, students also collected $137 for Emmaus.

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