St Patrick teaches us to lean into God

St. Patrick’s Day dawns minus the many parades and celebrations for which it has become known. However, maybe St. Patrick’s Day 2020 calls us to celebrate a legacy that has much to teach us in the midst of the crisis in which we are presently living: the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many things that can be learned from the life of St. Patrick and one in particular that we might find consoling right now. Patrick knew how to lean into God when the hardships came. He persevered through much suffering and remained hopeful in the face of what can easily be described as insurmountable challenges.

An excerpt from St. Patrick's Confession might serve us well:

O God, you have worked beside me, helping me with your divine power, so that now I can praise and glorify your name constantly—wherever I might be—in bad times and in good. Whatever happens to me . . . let me accept it and give thanks. You have taught me to trust you without any limits.

May you know a blessed St. Patrick’s Day of leaning into God and being renewed in hope. And don't forget—St. Patrick is a prime example of what Christopher Reeve said when his life changed so drastically through an unexpected suffering: Once you choose hope, anything is possible.