Stand Against Racism Social Media Campaign

At the invitation of the Global Concerns Committee of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), we, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, will participate in the Standing Against Racism social media campaign from April 3—May 15, 2019. The campaign was created to help facilitate the resolution of LCWR to "go deeper into the critical work of creating communion, examining the root causes of injustice and our own complicity, and purging ourselves, our communities, and our country of the sin of racism and its destructive effects." (Excerpt from 2018 Statement of Recommitment)

The Global Concerns Committee has put together social media posts and graphics which will be used to raise awareness about the scourge of racism and the importance of standing together to confront its destructive effects on our communities and our country. It will feature images and quotes from LCWR assembly presentations and publications related to this critical work. The campaign seeks to help promote a message of communion and inspire those who see the messages online.

Each Wednesday from April 3rd to May 15th, the Erie Benedictines will join LCWR in posting one of these messages on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We invite you to support us in this effort. Watch for Standing Against Racism posts beginning tomorrow, April 3. Feel free to share them.