Postulant Jen teaches Still Life Art Class

Like everyone, the Erie Benedictines are making the best of the stay-at-home mandate. Our horarium (daily routine) continues; we gather for prayer and meals keeping physical distance but remaining social in the best of ways. A monastic rhythm paces us and we engage in opportunities that help us to move through these days of separation from the world, as it were, but remaining true to the life in community that roots us. Faith sharing, educational videos, movies, outside walks, intentional times of prayer for the world, mindfulness of all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic—so many possibilities for enrichment that provide nourishment and nurture on all levels.

One such event was a class in still-life drawing taught by Postulant Jen Frazer who is a talented artist in her own right. Several sisters spread themselves out at dining room tables and received instruction on the art of drawing inanimate objects. The teacher even used a very long pointer to assist in guiding the students in their efforts while honoring physical distance. “I’ve always wanted to learn to draw,” shared Sister Karen Oprenchok, one of the participants. “I actually got lost in the process and I really enjoyed this first step in making my drawing dream come true. Jen taught with clarity and her artistic insights were very helpful.”

It was a great beginning. From all accounts, the participants enjoyed the experience. The still life of milk and bread and TP told a story of life’s basic necessities with the injection of a bit of humor, nothing less than what would have been expected from Postulant Jen. When did you say the next class was?