Stone with a Message

Something unusual happened at the Emmaus Soup Kitchen recently: A volunteer in the family dining room found Sister Karen Oprenchok and said: “There’s a new family here carrying a rock with a written message on it telling them to eat at Emmaus.”

When Sister Karen went to meet the family with four children, they were eating the meal with the other families. “Our church, Holy Cross in Fairview, has a special Lenten practice in which all parishioners took a rock with a message on it,” one of the family members told Sister Karen. Their rock said: “Eat an evening meal at the Emmaus Soup Kitchen.”

The stones are to be “a tool for the Lenten journey,” says the church’s bulletin, “a sign of what God intends for each of us as proclaimed by the Prophet Ezekiel: ‘I will take your heart of stone and place a heart within you, a heart of compassion and love.’”

“Normally,” the father told Sister Karen, “we could go out to a restaurant and pay for a family meal. But we’re at Emmaus Soup Kitchen tonight because we received this stone; in that case, I’d like to make a donation.” He pulled out some cash from his pocket and handed it to Sister Karen.

Pictured: The Lenten stone from Holy Cross Church.

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