Streambank gets a new look

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie applied for and were awarded a $140,000 Penn State Sea Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener Program to restore a stretch of Seven-Mile Creek which runs through property belonging to the Erie Benedictines and empties into Lake Erie.

Several months of work aimed at countering the effects of erosion by widening and strengthening 500 feet of a streambank buffer have been completed. Restoration monitoring to improve fish habitat, water quality and the reduction of sedimentation entering the stream is in place. New landscaping and the planting of native trees and plants in the restored area took place last week.

Sister Pat Lupo, environmental advocate and educator, has been integrally involved in this project. Representing the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and together with Pennsylvania Sea Grant, she helped host a recent walking tour. The tour provided the opportunity for the public to view the restoration.

Sister Susan Doubet kept a photo “history” documenting the project on her blog: Light through Stained Glass Windows. Blog entries for July 26, August 6, 13, 30 in the blog archive provide a picture view of the work.