Students from St. Gregory School visit Emmaus Ministries

Along with two teachers, over twenty middle school students from St. Gregory’s in North East recently boarded public busses and rode to downtown Erie to experience how the needs of the marginalized are being met by social service groups.

When they arrived at Emmaus, they unloaded jars of peanut butter and jelly from their backpacks. They then took a tour of the soup kitchen and food pantry, asking all sorts of questions along the way. “What meal do you make most often?” they asked. And: “How do you get the desserts?”

“Other than fish, which we have every Friday,” answered Emmaus cook Shirley Whaley, “we most often make chicken patties. Our guests love chicken patties.”

And as for desserts, many people donate homemade baked goods. “That’s good to know,” said teacher Lori Helffrich, “because that’s another way we can get involved in the future – we could bake something!”

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