Students from LECOM at the Kids Cafe

"I learned what is good and bad for me," said nine-year-old Mariah as she reflected on a health education session that students at LECOM led for the children of the Kids Cafe. "It's bad for my health to smoke or to eat too much dessert or to have a lot of stress. But it's good to exercise."

Students from LECOM, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, led two different sessions at the Kids Cafe, teaching about "Medication Safety" and how to have a "Healthy Heart." They split the children into small groups and gave them scenarios such as: "If you see an object that looks kind of like candy but you're not sure what it is, what do you do?" Answer: "Ask an adult; it might be a pill, not an M&M."

In addressing these topics, the LECOM students creatively engaged the children using coloring and playing games to talk about the importance of health and safety.

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Pictured: Students from LECOM