Summer of Hope: Benedictines help with Erie Refocused

“Summer of Hope is dedicated to helping east side Erie neighborhoods to be the best they can be,” explained Sister Theresa Zoky, one of several Benedictine Sisters who are helping with the door-to-door interviews that will explain Erie Refocused to city residents. “It is truly an honor to be part of this movement.”

In addition to Sister Theresa, the Benedictine volunteers include Sisters Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski, Pat Lupo, Lucia Marie Surmik, Clarie Marie Surmik, and Cindy Hoover. They ask people in target neighborhoods (east of State and Holland streets, north of East 15th Street, and bounded by the Bayfront Parkway), if they will participate in a five-minute resident survey regarding ERIE REFOCUSED, a multiyear development plan for the city of Erie created by Alexandria, VA-based consulting firm CZB. This plan addresses Erie’s needs over the next 10 years and beyond in a number of areas, including housing, transportation, land use and economic development.

Click here to read the full document: Erie Refocused Development Plan for the City of ERIE, PA.