A Surprise for Wood Turner Sister Audrey Steff

“When a friend of mine asked if she could put a bowl I had turned into her county library’s art show I thought to myself: why not?” said wood turner Sister Audrey Steff. “Little did I expect to be awarded first place in the wood division!”

Sister Audrey began turning wood in the 1970s. She does it in her free time and has created many beautiful pieces through the years. A first place in the wood division was well-deserved. The juried show took place at the Henderson Memorial Public Library in Jefferson, OH. The creation was a natural edged pear bowl turned from the wood of a tree on one of the community’s properties.

“We are so pleased for Sister Audrey,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “Her pieces are so beautiful. We could not be more thrilled for the recognition she has received through this event. Congratulations, Sister Audrey!”