Treasures & Such Participant Store at SBEC is Bright and Beautiful

It’s been a whole new experience for shoppers at the Treasures & Such store since renovations were completed in autumn of 2017.

Volunteers recently put the finishing touches on the work by painting new shelving units and tables that were added to display more merchandise in the store.

The improvements made in late 2017 included new carpeting, newly painted walls, flooring for storage and stock rooms, LED lighting, window treatments, and new tables to display items for sale.

Sister Dorothy Stoner, coordinator of Treasures & Such activities, said the store’s new look fits in with the ongoing upkeep of St. Benedict Education Center (SBEC). “We wanted it to be bright and beautiful for the shoppers and the volunteers,” Sister Dorothy said. “It gives us a different feel.”

A committee that included volunteers Tish Szczesny and Sheila Brugger researched possibilities for the windows and came up with a plan to make the store brighter and more colorful.

“We all decided we needed something light, bright and fun to look at,” Tish said. After Tish and Sheila saw the beautiful woodwork around the windows, they decided not to cover it up. They chose colorful valances instead of curtains, and a frosted treatment for the bottom of the windows for privacy . “We all thought a lot of color in the valances would be pretty to look at and give us an accent color on the shelves to tie it all together,” Tish said.

Volunteers who work at the store painted the shelves and tables aqua blue, a color taken from the valances, and then more shelves and tables were painted and added earlier this year. “When our shoppers come in, the color we painted the shelves makes the room pop,” Tish said. “I also think the extra light from the windows makes the store look very clean and inviting.”

The manner in which items are displayed can also make a big difference, according to Sheila. She enjoys changing the displays often to keep things fresh with a new look. “It’s called retail appeal,” Sheila said. “You have to display your items in a way that makes it more appealing and so shoppers can more easily see what’s available.”

As for the items available in the store, Tish said she is constantly amazed at the quality of things people donate. “We are fortunate to have such generous donors,” Tish said. “It is always nice to hear from the shoppers about how they can use some of the items they purchase.”

The goal now for Sister Dorothy is to keep the store looking fresh and inviting and have quality items available for shoppers. “We want them to maintain a sense of what’s pretty and beautiful, and to be able to add a touch of beauty to their homes,” Sister Dorothy said. “Coming into our bright and beautiful store touches their spirits.”

Visit the Treasures and Such webpage to read more about the store.

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