Update #2 from Sister Dianne Sabol

So, what does one do when the sports wheelchairs don’t have push handles and Dad must bend over to assist his son go up and down the court? What does one do when we want to play seated volleyball and we don’t have volleyball equipment? The answer? Adapt.

I called Mark Bliley for advice on wheelchair modification so that someone could stand upright while assisting a participant on the basketball court. Mark is the president of American Railing Systems and has been a faithful friend and benefactor since he installed the railings inside St. Benedict Community Center (SBCC) nearly 20 years ago. Mark came down to the gym to look at the chairs and then he designed and manufactured removable handles. Thank you, Mark!

A few years ago, Betsy and Marco Monsalve donated two sets of Pickleball equipment to SBCC. As I was trying to figure out how to do seated volleyball, I thought about the Pickleball net. The problem was the net was too low, so I took two poles from the second system and raised the net. We used a large beach ball and invited family members to bring their chairs out on the court. We all played together. We all laughed together. And we all got some good exercise together!

The word that keeps coming to mind to describe this process for me is “adaptABILITY”. The focus of the Adapted Sports Program is not on disability. The focus of this program is on ABILITY. The focus is on what someone can do, not what they can’t do.
Thanks for your ongoing support and do stay tuned—more updates to come!