Upholding the Benedictine Charism of Peace

“The Benedictine Sisters of Erie seek to uphold the Benedictine charism of peace in any and all situations, especially in response to the escalating tensions with Iran,” said Sister Anne Wambach, Prioress. “To that end, the community releases a statement calling on all people to promote peace by being peace-makers that resist all forms of violence and destruction.”

Let peace be your quest and aim.
(Rule of Benedict: Prologue 17)

Upholding the Benedictine charism of Peace and striving to witness to Gospel values the Benedictine Sisters of Erie:

—pray for God’s protection of all those who are in harm’s way as a result of the escalating tensions with Iran.

—urge our country’s leaders and decision makers to seek peace and embrace solutions that promote a nonviolent approach to conflict resolution.

—call upon all people to respond to the challenge of a peace-making that resists all forms of violence and destruction.