Victorious Missionaries at Emmaus Soup Kitchen

“Just because you have a disability,” said Pat Fronzaglia, “doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.” Pat and her group, the Victorious Missionaries, prove this each year when they volunteer at the Emmaus Soup Kitchen. Several Missionaries use wheelchairs to get around and others struggle with different types of disabilities. But this doesn’t stop the group of 25-30 Missionaries from providing a home-cooked meal and welcoming service to guests at Emmaus.

The Victorious Missionaries group is “united in providing spiritual support for all people with disabilities and the chronically ill” by empowering and committing themselves to dedicating their gifts and dreams to God and one another.

“Our Erie chapter has been volunteering at Emmaus once a year for several years now,” said Pat Franzaglio, a lead member of the Victorious Missionaries group who got it up and running in Erie several years back. “It’s really hard for people with disabilities to get around and be in touch with the homeless,” Pat continued. “But a few of us have a passion for and are really committed to caring for the homeless.”

In addition to buying and cooking the meal they serve, the Missionaries also provide a take-out bag with a sandwich, chips, an apple, juice, and cookies so guests will have a “midnight snack” later in the evening.

The Erie chapter is in union with Catholic Charities in the Erie Diocese and part of the larger organization of Victorious Missionaries throughout the United States.

Pictured: Leader Pat Fronzaglia on the right

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