A Vigil for Racial and Economic Justice after the death of Felix Manus

A Vigil for Racial and Economic Justice will be held at the Erie County Prison’s Work Release Facility, 450 E 16th St, Erie, PA on Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 pm.

Felix L. Manus died after suffering an asthma attack while he was an inmate in the Erie County Prison’s Work Release program. He experienced the asthma attack on May 30 at his work site in Edinboro, was transported back to the Work Release facility in Erie and waited until an ambulance was called. He became unresponsive in the ambulance, never regaining consciousness, and died on June 11, 2018.

This 48 year-old father of six was incarcerated as the result of a debt of $750.00 in child support, not for a violent or even petty crime. He was one of many black men who are incarcerated at a stunningly high rate in our nation. He was one of the many struggling in poverty who are incarcerated at a higher rate than the more financially secure. Concerns have been raised nationally about the quality of health care provide to those in custody.

At the 20 minute vigil, we will pray for Felix and for his family and friends. We will pray for justice for all, for an end to the racism and wealth inequality driving the huge inequality in incarceration rates. We will pray for quality health care for all those in the care of our prison system. We will pray for a flowering of justice at the site where Felix was incarcerated.

The vigil will include hymns, scripture, expressions of concern and a commitment to justice.

Family, friends, neighbors and any committed to being a presence for justice and peace are invited to take part in the vigil.

Cosponsored by:
Benedictines for Peace
Sisters of Mercy, Erie's Justice Committee

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