Villa Outreach Day at Emmaus Soup Kitchen

Emmaus Soup Kitchen received an intense four-hour cleaning thanks to 13 students from Villa Maria Academy who chose the kitchen during the school’s annual service day. And by intense, we mean they scrubbed tables, chairs, windows, walls, fans, and even bathrooms. Some students also helped prepare the meal for the dinner by cutting up vegetables and preparing the chicken casserole.

The young women chose to serve at Emmaus on their Outreach Day with the intent to “have an impact on a local nonprofit,” as senior Gabby explained. Her friend Jessica chimed in, “We want to assist the food kitchen in serving people in our area who need meals. And if cleaning is how we can help, we’ll clean!”

In total, about 700 students from Cathedral Prep and Villa were out in the community volunteering on Outreach Day. What was special about serving at Emmaus? “I like how it’s decorated,” said senior Kelly, “I like the flowers and the pictures on the walls. It’s very homey.”

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