Welcome to our new neighbors

Benedictine Sisters Rosanne Lindal-Hynes and Carolyn Gorny-Kopowski offered a special welcome to their new neighbors: the nondenominational congregation of New Life Spirit Revival Center who recently purchased St. Mary’s Church on East 9th Street.

“We have a lot of history with St. Mary’s,” explained Sister Rosanne, “and we wanted to show our Benedictine hospitality.” She and Sister Carolyn brought flowers as a welcome gift from the Erie Benedictines and shared worship with the group. Sister Rosanne reminisced about having made her perpetual monastic profession in the church and Sister Carolyn shared that she had become a novice there many years ago.

“Today, St. Mary’s is surrounded by Benedictine ministries and we are pleased that the ‘Benedictine block’ will be enriched by the presence of Bishop Curtis Jones, pastor, his wife Vicki Jones, co-pastor, and all of the members of their congregation,” said Sister Carolyn. Sister Rosanne added: “Getting to know our new neighbors was wonderful. I am sure it is just the beginning of many more experiences to come.”

Photo: L-R Sister Rosanne, Vicki Jones, Bishop Curtis Jones, and Sister Carolyn.

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