Youth Pledge their Care for the Earth

On a recent visit to St. Stephen School, Oil City, Sisters Marian Wehler, OSB and Tina Geiger, RSM, of Catholic Rural Ministry, were pleased to experience a growing understanding among the students of the responsibility they share for the care of the earth. “When the 5th grade students heard that the theme for Earth Day 2019 was ‘Protect our Species,’ they decided to take it seriously,” said Sister Marian. She and Sister Tina have been working with teachers and students to foster greater environmental awareness. “Becoming more mindful of the accelerating rate of extinction of millions of species as a result of human activity fits right in to the responsibility we share in caring for our earth,” Sister Tina added.

At the conclusion of the visit Sister Tina led the students in a proclamation of The Earth Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Earth,
to its mountains, rivers, soil and sky:
One planet, irreplaceable,
to be cherished and protected by all.

The results of the students’ efforts, including Endangered Species Displays, reports, poems and quotes will be shared at an open house for the public hosted by the Oil City Library, May 1, 6-7:30 pm. “It’s going to be a great event,” said Sister Marian, “The students will be present to share their passion and pledge to care for the earth and I have no doubt that it will be inspiring. If you are in the area, I hope you will come and see for yourself.”

Click here to read a detailed article shared by Sisters Marian and Tina. “It’s sure to warm your hearts,” said Sister Tina. “It’s really amazing what the students are doing.”