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Mark Gorman
Lives in Alexandria, Virginia
Tell us something about yourself

I have three wonderful adult children, two grandchildren and a loving wife, Kate, whom I followed to the DC area in 2008. I grew up in the Susquehanna River Valley at the foot of Bald Eagle Mountain in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and, until moving to the Washington DC area about eight years ago, was a life-long Pennsylvania resident. Because I grew up surrounded by nature and in the woods and streams constantly, I have a special connection to and love of nature (we have 2 dogs and 2 cats!).

These are our two canine companions, Kooper and Amy. Kooper "belongs" to Kate, and Amy to Mark.

Why are you an oblate?

To more closely connect with my spiritual home-my community of the soul. The most important things to me are community – including my family - peace based on social justice and inner, spiritual peace, and sustaining the natural world. It’s also very important to me that the life I lead resonates closely with and is in line with those things I value. I find all of this within the Mt. St. Benedict community.

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