Sister Valerie Luckey, Scholastic

On October 21, 2017, Sister Valerie Luckey made her intentions clear: "I ask that I may continue to seek God in this Benedictine community through first monastic profession."

Sister Valerie is from Emmaus, Pennsylvania. She graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and was an elementary teacher of fourth grade in Philadelphia schools. After visiting the Erie Benedictines several times Valerie decided to begin the initial formation program and became a postulant in August, 2015. In September of 2016 she began her novitiate year which she completed in September of 2017. “I have learned that I am responsible for the journey of seeking God fully; I have also learned that the best way for me to seek God is through immersion in prayer and the support of community. The monastic life offers a very particular sort of prayer and community that seems so lacking today, but one that is so necessary for me in the journey of seeking God. Prayer reminds us of the spirit that lives in the deepest parts of ourselves, and community supports us along the way,” shared Val. “I have also learned that the journey is made up of many decisions along the way. The decision I have made at this point is to continue seeking God here [with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie] as a vowed member."

With this profession Sister Valerie enters the Scholasticate, the third stage of initial monastic formation. She will continue her study of the monastic way of life and discern a permanent commitment guided by Sister Diane Rabe, Scholastic Director, while also engaging in full time ministry.