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The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

by Katarina Bivald
Sourcebooks Landmark

Sister Susan Doubet

Out of the blue, via an unanticipated gift from a friend, comes a marvelously quirky book, The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, a first novel by a new writer. Right away we meet Sara, a bookstore employee from Sweden, who is arriving in a small (pop. 637), fading town in Iowa to meet her pen pal, Amy---only to find that Amy has just died. Welcomed by the citizens of Broken Wheel, who all knew from Amy that she was coming, Sara stays on and, for reasons not totally known to herself and drawing on her love of books (and Amy's personal library), opens a bookstore in Broken Wheel...and from that point on everything changes!

I'm sure all book lovers have met many small towns, filled with delightful characters. Here is yet another one. The characters are just great, the writing is solid and good, and the story is creative, fun and delightful. And, not unlike my favorite small town, Three Pines, (Louise Penny's setting for her mystery series) the people, the Iowa town and the interactions among them have just enough quirkiness to keep me hooked!

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