What Sisters and Oblates Are Reading

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry

by Fredrik Backman
Washington Square Press

Mary Jo Minello, oblate

This is an engaging story with both fascinating characters and a compelling plot. I stopped reading the book for a couple of days when I was near the final chapters as I did not want it to end. Elsa, the seven-year-old main character tells the story of her quirky 77-year-old grandmother and all the lives her granny affected. Both granddaughter and grandmother are "different," faced with challenges, full of surprises and smart. When Elsa's grandmother dies, she leaves Elsa a series of letters of apology. Elsa's adventure is to deliver each one. And what adventures they are! This engaging story is woven with fantasy and present time realities of family, neighbors, school trauma and drama!

Ed. note: There is a three-pack of Fredrik Backman's books now available. Two of them, this one and A Man Called Ove have been reviewed on this page. The third one is: Britt-Marie Was Here.

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